HUH? Magazine: The Journal of Neo-Confusionism

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HUH? Magazine: The Journal of Neo-Confusionism was first penned, cut pasted, glued, stapled folded and issued by David St. Albans in 1993 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

HUH? magazine was never on any comic book stands nor sold via mail or direct marketing. In the period of 1990-1998 in the Albuquerque area St. Albans had become a player in the local area art scene. Coming from such august groups as "Guerilla Artists" (who had 2 newsletters) and "NuMoon Illustratons" (this had one newsletter/marketing issue for each artist involved and was mostly put together on a friend's professional grade Mac graphics computer)...and SWAC (Southwest Writers And Cartoonists) he had made some serious leaps in the field of producing his own graphic arts and magazines.

By 1993 St. Albans had decided to come up with his own 'zine. This was the birth of HUH? Magazine, dedicated to the weirdos St. Albans had been meeting throughout his life: people who were anti-Semites who invented anti-gravity machines, crystal waving UFO nuts, alternative street artists who had already gone "over the edge" on drugs and shamanism. He had met so many of these odd balls that I felt a 'zine dedicated to them would be very cool, following along with the trend of "Outsider Art." He decided to make it a combination of cut & paste Surreal/Dadaist text with artwork by himself and other locals, some of whom were on his "odd-ball" list.

HUH? The Journal of Neo-Confusionism started with Vol1. No.0 under the "Dead Horse Comic Publishers" Logo. This was a black and white, 7.5 X 10.0 format 'zine that included 11 pages plus cover. Five of these zines were produced, from #0 - #4. Each one had a cover drawn by St. Albans. The last one; The Depression Issue, came out afterthe editor had suffered a nervous breakdown 1n 1995. All these were published under the "Baked Trilobite Publishers" label. During this time he also put out several other comics: Coyotero: All Southwest Comics, Comics for Aliens On Earth, Aliens In The House, and Illegal Aliens: JIVE. He was also putting out the SWAC newsletter as well.