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The HSSreader is a zine that started in 2002 by Olivia Arrow, who missed making zines.

She started self publishing with a perzine called "Johny I Can Whistle" some time in the mid-90s. It changed its name to "Jot Outlet" three issues in and survived for several years until ceased in 2000. Unlike the previous personal zine, the HSSreader is a light-hearted attempt at condensing the standard magazine format into a pocket-sized, hand-made zine. It includes permanent features like advice, jokes, craft instructions, music, website and literature reviews, travel stories by readers, comics, and a main interview with artists of various types. The goal of this independent publication is to share various underground artists with readers, to get readers to participate in creating its features and basically just entertain via a non-digital format. Issue no. 6 is currently available and no. 7 is in mid-production.