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Greed - Issue 5

Greed was a zine published out of Washington, DC in the late 1980s. Edited by Kurt Sayenga (who went on to design album artwork for Fugazi, as well as write, direct, and produce documentaries). Its subject matter was diverse; it included arts and music coverage, in-depth articles on a variety of subcultures, social observations, book reviews and more.


Issue 1 - Rites of Spring, Velvet Monkeys, The Replacements - 1986

Issue 2 - Robyn Hitchcock, Plasticland, Pandoras, and Pussy Galore - 1987

Issue 3 - Three, Sonic Youth, Charles Burns, and Strange Boutique - 1987

Issue 4 - That Petrol Emotion, The Lime Spiders, Live Skull, and a Fire Party feature - 1988

Issue 5 - Love and Rockets/Hernandez Brothers, Swans, Tommy Keene, Clive Barker, and Dag Nasty - 1988

Issue 6 - Bob Burden, Wire, Band Of Susans, Naked Raygun, Daniel Johnston - 1989


Archives that have copies of Greed: