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Gothica is a horror fanzine by Susan M. Jensen.

Gothica originated from Brewer, Maine, U.S.A. It was begun by Susan Jensen after she became friends with a group of vampire horror movie fans, called the 'Drac Pac', in college in the late 1980s. The group regularly met to watch horror movies, using them as a starting point to explore ideas about the unusual and the sublime. After graduation the group disbanded, and Jensen decided to begin a small magazine based on the ideas the Drac Pac had discussed.

The first issue was published in March 1992, with a run of 16 copies. 15 copies of the second issue were released in August 1993. Increasing interest in the fanzine meant that by the end of 1993, several hundred copies of each issue were being produced.

The focus of Gothica was on horror movies and Vampires.