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Goreshitdeath #1

Goreshitdeath is a mini-comic/zine created by Jose Angeles and dedicated to excessively gory comics, graphic horror art, and reviewing death metal, grind/goregrind, thrash, and splatter films. Issue 1 was first published in March 2006 and as of now the mini-comic/zine is starting on its 2nd issue, featuring an interview with Razorback Records and Canadian artist Ryan the "Humanburger". Artists that have contributed to Goreshitdeath include Putrid, Raul, Ryan Humanburger Jones, Spooky Steve, Rueben Storey (drummer of Thrash band Funerot), Lou Rusconi, Jose Angeles (of Crude Dude Comix), and many more. Most of these artists are active in the metal underground, doing specialized gory art work for bands.

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