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Gore Lunatic was a Japanese zine published in the 1990s by Rumi Iwamoto. The zine specialised in noise music, noisecore and noisegrind.

Within the Noisecore scene this was a very famous grind/noise zine. Rumi Iwamoto published 5 issues of Gore Lunatic. Issue #3 is almost 80 pages and included very good selection of bands of that era. Female editor Rumi has very personal way of doing the zine; she adores many European bands (WBI, UGB, Tumor, U.Phlegm, Hiatus, etc) but also always remembers to praise AC/DC. Gore Lunatic was also a sources of addresses and short demo reviews of various grind/noise bands.

The highest listed issue number is Issue 5. Issues 3 and 4 are available for free download as .pdf files.

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