Girls are Yucky

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Girls are Yucky is a 'zine that was published between 1994 and 1997 in Waldwick , New Jersey, U.S.A.

It contained various articles of questionable humor, ranting about high school things, and music reviews of various stripes.

There were approximately twelve issues made over the course of time, numbered 1-11 (with one issue being numbered 7 1/2 because the original 7 was too short). The zine was sold at various North New Jersey record stores and through the mail, advertising through Heart Attack (in a strange story wherein the editor of the zine had no part in submitting the ad). It cost 25 cents, the entire proceeds of which went to buying things to make clip-art from and gorging on Taco Bell, for which the writers had to drive 15 miles down route 17.

The rules for writing for this zine were that you had to be male and either single or otherwise not interested in girls. Strict adherence to this policy caused the editor to change hands several times.

During the first year, the zine caused a minor scandle at the local high school, when the principal called the editor into the office and demanding that he cease selling the issues at the school, particularly because of insulting remarks in regards to several other students at the school.

The zine died in the end because as the writers all went off to different universities, it became impossible to meet up to make the issues as had previously been done.