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Gibbering Madness was a UK zine edited by Evan from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK in the 1990's.

Gibbering Madness started out as a horror and weird literature zine. The first issue featured writers such as Clark Ashton Smith and Brian Lumley. Evan sets out his philosophy in the first issue's editorial:

The reasons I've decided to start this magazine are:

1) I think the prices of books and magazines are absolutely horrendous.
2) It's the sort of magazine I would buy.
3) I want it to be a platform for anyone who wants to see their work in print. whether it's short stories, poems, articles/ comments/ letters on anything you like to do with horror/ weird art, fiction, films or things. Basically, you send it to me and I'll print it. The magazine is accessible to everyone and anyone - as you will see in this issue, there are things by people of all ages.

As it progressed, it integrated more DIY, punk orientated material, focusing on the creative non-music side of punk, Mail-art, weirdness, plus personal thoughts and columns. There were 8 issues in total. The editor Evan was in various D.I.Y. punk and hardcore bands including Avaricious and The Great Refusal.

Covers were done by artists such as Ade Deaville, and Dogger.