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A punk fanzine by Tom, based in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, started in 2011. It's current print run is about 1000 copies of each issue.

General Speech is also label and a distro with the same name. The zine is inspired by classic UK 80s punk zines such as Final Curtain and Raising Hell. It was one of the zines featured in the Maximum Rock 'N' Roll#Zines_Specials issue #396 in May 2016.

Issues 1-4 and 5-8 are available as omnibus editions.

Issue 9 featured Confuse, Tercer Mundo, Sadist, Skumdribblurz, Suburban Filth, U.C.P and Discharge.

Issue 10 featured Paintbox, Ignorantes, photographer David Hoffman, XA Record, Private Jesus Detector, Chaotic Dischord and The Damned's B-Sides.

There is also occasionally a mini zine between main issues called General Speech Supplement.

Copies of the zine can be found at the University of Kentucky Zine Library.

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