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GAD! (also known as GAD!zine) is a black & white photocopied zine created by Adam Harmless, Kolbey, and Kevin Spann. The first issue of GAD! was published in June 2013. GAD! issue 2 was released in August followed by GAD III in October of that year.

Much of the zine's content focuses on music (punk rock, hardcore, indie, outsider, some metal, etc.), though independent or fringe film, literature, comics, and art are also featured. GAD! does not have a table of contents or sections. Reviews, interviews, opinion pieces, poetry, photographs and art are instead mixed together, presumably encouraging the reader to explore the entire issue. GAD! is based out of Gadsden, Alabama. While the Southeastern United States figures heavily, the zine covers artists from across the globe.

Issues are free (though donations, stamps, and trades are encouraged by the creators). A GAD! subscription , known as "punk mail", can be requested by contacting via email or through the postal service at GAD! P.O. Box 394 Gadsden AL 35902. Subscribers may also randomly receive additional content such as other zines created by members of the team, CDs, and stickers.

GAD! Facebook page: [1]