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Fuzzy Lunch Boxis a perzine of autobiographical accounts of twin sisters Deborah and Laura.

It is text heavy, generally humorous and snarky anecdotal accounts of benign events made interesting through their writing style. Stories include: I was a Teenage Drug Dealer, Seeing Tiffany at the Beach Boardwalk, Losing virginity, Dating Fiasco's and drinking fiasco's. There is always a "Favorites List" and "Things that Suck" list in every issue, and most have a humorous question box in the end asking drunk people at the bar to answer dumb questions and do stupid human tricks.

Additionally, there have been 2 Fuzzy Lunch Box side projects:

  • Issue 1: Special all Question Box issue in which the Portland Zine Symposium tablers were asked all the question box questions from all the previous issues
  • Issue 2: Prisoner Correspondence issue - FLB Locked Down - a compilation of letters sent through the years to Fuzzy Lunch Box by prisoners.


Fuzzy Lunch Box 309 Cedar St. #34 Santa Cruz CA 95060 USA