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FUCK is a zine created by Randall Phillip. It had its origins in the Philadelphia area, and each issue is a veritable visual and verbal slaughter of the senses.

FUCK's intention is to shock the reader: Each issue is packed with shocking images of violent scenes, medical photos, horror film stills, handicaps, Nazi imagery, American racist images. It also includes writing from the fringe -- interviews with serial killers, contributions from people like Mike Diana and Jim and Debbie Goad, racist writings, terrible news stories, and sickening art collages.

The idea is: How much can you take? What will offend you? What is offensive? What is humorous? What pushes the boundary of unacceptable? Fuck strives to express those terrible thoughts that most humans fleetingly dwell upon, before being discarded into the immorality trash.

Also check out the FUCK book, published by Shane Bugbee's Mike Hunt Publishing. Randall Phillip also released a FUCK video and several audio recordings.

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