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Fringe Ware

Fringe Ware Review

Fringe Ware was a full size zine about fringe subcultures and subversive information. They also had a store in Austin, TX.


Issue No 7. Feb. 1995 This issue features Robotics, Television, "R U Wired," interview with the chairman of the Marshall McLuhan Center, interview with Genesis P-Orridge, DIY Infobotics, Nuerorancid, mail order catalogue; comics, rants and raves, reviews, editorials...

Issue No 8. 1995 This issue features Fringe Lifestyles: "How crazies pay the bills..." The Finer Points of Squatting, How to Squat and Recycle the World; Genderflex, transvestite tendencies; story of a midwife from Steve Gaskin's Farm in Tenn.; interview with Robert Anton Wilson; Portrait of an artist as a young gun; mainstream barbie; Phreaking among the Gauchos; Waco, Cults and ordinary Madness; Getting Older; Life on the Streets; reviews, editorials...