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FOLIO is a monthly zine specializing in photography and short fiction. FOLIO takes its name from the format it is published in: pages folded over once. It is distributed in Norwalk and New Haven, Connecticut and mailed to subscribers nationwide.

FOLIO is made up of eight 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 pages of short fiction (usually by Jonathan Tuttle) and black and white photography (usually by Alexa Garvoille). FOLIO also includes non-fiction, poetry, and drawing by contributing authors and artists. All parts combine to make a witty, peculiar, and strangely relevant other world.

All issues are themed. Effort is made to keep pictures from illustrating stories and stories from narrating pictures. The content remarks on the theme and the theme remarks on the content.

Issues so far:

1. Travel (November 2006). 2. Words (December 2006). 3. Murder (January 2007). 4. The Day Job (February 2007). 5. History (March 2007) 6. Pop (April 2007) 7. Wilderness (August 2007) 8. Libraries (September 2007)

All stories and picures can be viewed at Comments and subscription requests can be sent to

Mottos: "Words, Pictures, Fact and Derision" "Letters from the Better Sides of Life." "There is no cure for FOLIO" - Franklin Delano Roosevelt "Foli-Oli-Oli-O"