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Flaps zine is collaborative project between Raquel Ormella (born: Sydney, 1969) and Regina Walter.


  • Issue #3 (1 October 2002) Flouro Flaps

Subject: 'Drawings based on photographs of our girlfriends who where too young in the 80’s to feel embarrassed about the return of 80’d fashions in there op shop outfits and photographs from the archives of those of us old enough to have made bad fashion mistakes in our late teens. The above pages show Jane, Jasmine and fashion queen Danae.'

Description: Black and white photocopied and hand coloured pages, A5. Limited edition of 88.

  • Issue #4 (22 February 2003) Mud Flaps

Subject: 'In 2002 Regina went to Utah and Los Angeles and I went to Sao Paolo and Rio. I photographed the multitude of VW vans still in production in Brazil, and Regina the impressive Chevy’s of the US.'

Description: black and white and colour photocopied pages, A5. Limited edition of 77

  • Issue #5 (10 August 2003) Faux Flaps

Subject: 'Things that look like flaps... drawings and photographs.'

Description: Black and white photocopied, colour inkjet and hand coloured pages, A5. Limited edition of 66.

  • I love me and don't you forget it (11 October 2005)
  • Knocked back (2 March 2006)
  • Sad saturday night (12 October 2006)


Email: raquelmonkey[at]ozemail[dot]com[dot]au

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