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Flapper Gathering is a small zine that has been mostly written in English and drawn by Nina Nijsten.

The first issue appeared in 2002 at the first Ladyfest in Belgium. In June 2006 the most recent issue, number six, appeared.

Flapper Gathering was started because of the need for a Riot Grrrl chapter zine in Belgium. Over time, it evolved into a more personal-political, anarch-feminist zine that focussed on feminism, anarchy, Ladyfest, actions, music, DIY, zines, ecology and of course Riot Grrrl. Flapper Gathering reported on the local and international Riot Grrrl scene. Nina continues to make zines such as Same Heartbeats.

External Link

More detailed information can be found at Echo Records/Press , a DIY project founded by Nina.