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Firefly was a UK zine written between 2000-2002 by Vicki Butler.

The author was aged 15 when she started the zine, and the first issue was named 'Illumina Stars' before changing its name to 'Firefly' for the remaining 3 issues. It was written amidst the UK Riot Grrrl resurgence in the the early 'noughties' and the zine's content reflected this. It had a predominant focus on the lack of female bands and musicians in the music industry. It also ranted against sexism in local scenes. It featured interviews with Janet Weiss (Sleater Kinney and Quasi), Electrelane, The Cherry Bombers, and others. It was loosely affiliated to Riot Grrrl London, and Vicki was a member of the Riot Grrrl band Witches of Oz.

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