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Fight Boredom Distro is run out of Montréal, Québec, Canada, by zinester Amber Dearest. Created in 2009 and still running at present (November 2015).

Distributing zines by queers, feminists, anarchists, witches, and weirdos. From the Submission Guidelines: What I’m looking for: Zines, perzines, and comics on addictions, recovery, & sobriety; creating & critiquing community; femme identity; mental health, disabilities, & illnesses; bodies; sex and/or sex work; self-care; friendship; intersections of race, class, and gender; and okay, unicorns and karaoke. I’ve also got a soft spot for small-town queers and high school dropouts, good storytelling and sweet aesthetics. Your zine does not need to be explicitly political, but I’d still like to know about who you are and where you’re coming from. You can take a look at the catalogue for examples of the kinda zines I’m into.

What I’m not looking for: Feminism 101; riot grrrl; white cis boy problems; oppressive language; zines that retail for more than five dollars (but one-two-three dollars is even better); form letters; illegible handwriting.

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