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Feels like Friday #3

Feels Like Friday (2005-) is a perzine written by Ivana Stab which contains 'everything from random thoughts to lists to angry ramblings to thoroughly edited reflections on life to fictional writing.'

Originally a native of the former Yugoslavia, Ivana relocated to Sydney, Australia, due to the war. She has been publishing her zine while attending high school in Sydney since 2005. In 2006 she graduated and continues to publish Feels Like Friday.


  • Issue 3 [2007]: Quarter sized; 48 pages

On living in suburbia/south-western Sydney, a week in Byron Bay, growing up in one country when you're of a different nationality (nationalism, identity), drunkenness, even more writing on nationalism and identity (with boys thrown in), pride and anger and crushed egos, fictional writing on larger than life characters with bad habits & a few other things.

And all the poetry this world has to offer will not help me understand where my mind (my heart?) stands at this moment. We play around: witty, cunning words and innuendo, jokes, smiles, "may I feel said he", but in between all that there is an emptiness (do you feel it?) that I can't fill with all the wayward glances meant for you to catch at the right moment…

  • Issue 4: Quarter sized; 32 pages

Forgetting what's fact and what's fiction. More writing on living in suburbia and even more on nationalism and identity, belonging, apathy, being a dreamer, Sydney, tattoo artists, waiting for summer and other bits and pieces.

Thought: it's so easy when drinking peppermint tea and discussing government structures to know who I am, no questions asked. It's so easy when these people I surround myself with know that every single day. It's not so easy when I can't fall asleep at night to avoid the thoughts running through my head that remind me of stains and leaks in the mechanics of me and my identity, my nationality, my existence.

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