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Fast Connection was a punk zine from Newcastle-upon-Tyne which is in the north of England, in the United Kingdom.

Fast Connection was put together by Pete and Rachel who also had a record label called Slampt. Five issues were released between the summer of 1995 and the spring of 1999. 700 copies were made of the first issue but after that 500 copies were made of the zine. The zine featured interviews, reviews, articles and comics which were drawn by Rachel and had a distinct style. Before starting Fast Connection, the two had published several fanzines of different names as part of the output of their label.

  • A double fanzine "Hate and Hope" by Rachel and "What’s this generation coming to?" by Pete in 1992
  • "C’mon Swing It" by Rachel in 1993
  • "Head Shaved Smooth" by Pete in 1993
  • "Recipe for disaster" freesheet
  • "Skin Swing Feel" by Rachel
  • "Pungk Punk" by Pete
  • "Sugar Rocket" in 1994
  • "Slampt Aesthetic and notion" 1994

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