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Fallopian Falafel (also named Eshet Chayil) was a Jerusalem-based feminist compilation zine published by Hadass S. Ben-Ari. The publication ran between 2007 and 2011, and published 16 issues. The zine was mostly in English but contained a few articles or poems in French and Hebrew.

The zine was about feminism and Riot Grrrl culture, and covered different topics pertaining to women.

The issues are:

  • Issue 1 (Intro issue)
  • Issue 2 on homosexuality
  • Issue 3 on women in religion
  • Issue 4 on women in music and International Women's Day
  • Issue 5 on true beauty and body image
  • Issue 6 on women in pop culture
  • Issue 7 on the female body
  • Issue 8 on relationships
  • Issue 9 on pregnancy and abortion
  • Issue 10 on sexual violence
  • Issue 11 on breasts
  • Issue 12 on virginity
  • Issue 13 on DIY
  • Issue 14 on career women
  • Issue 15 on feminist men
  • Issue 16 on Grrrlvirus

Every issue included a column called "Riot Grrrl Corner" featuring a Riot Grrrl group and included lyrics to one of their songs that relates to the topic of the respective issue.

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