Falling Apart

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Falling Apart is a zine on death, grief, mourning and loss.

This zine was edited by Zippity Zinedra and has submissions from: Axel Claes, Dawn Graham, Julie Wright, Aleicia, Earla, Roxane Heslop, Zippity Zinedra, Alison Postma, Anonymous, PJ Carmichael and Troublemaker.

The zine focuses on the taboo subject of grief after a loved one dies. It includes writing a letter to them as a way of communicating with the deceased, explaining how they died, how much they were loved and cared about, how the grieving cope and what the dead mean to them.

Falling Apart is a zine which shows we all deal with grief differently but the feelings of sorrow and loss are virtually the same. The zine also shares advice on grief to those reading and whom are also grieving.


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