Fables and Reflections

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Fables and Reflections Issue 5 Cover art by Trudi Canavan 2003

Fables and Reflections is a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Lily Chrywenstrom.

Published in Australia, Fables and Reflections won the Ditmar Award for Best Fanzine in 2003. The first issue appeared in November 2001, with one or two issues released each year throughout the 2000s.

Covers were contributed by Colin Sharpe (#1), Les Peterson (#2), Daryl Lindquist (#3), Cat Sparks (#4, #7, #8), Trudi Canavan (#5), and Michael Connolly (#6).

Contributors of comics included Lee Battersby, Robert Hood, and Alicia Smith.

Contributors of fiction included Leanne Frahm, Peter Frankis, Sheila Hillingworth, Christopher Johnstone, Robbie Matthews, Claire McKenna, Iain Triffitt, DW Walker, Susan Wardle, and Kaaron Warren.

Contributors of articles included Liz Bonyer, Dave Cake, Stephen Dedman, Russell Farr, Liz Grzyb, Donna Hanson, Edwina Harvey (The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet), Emma Hawkes, Sue Isle, Chris Lawson, Tama Leaver, Geoffrey Maloney, Sandra Norman, Gillian Polack, and Cat Sparks.

Also featured are interviews including Jennifer Fallon by Ashley Capes, and Lynn Flewelling by Lily Chrywenstrom.