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FTR HNDS is surreal zine written in Detroit, Michigan and East Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A.

The author is unknown; some speculate that it may be multiple writers. It seems FTR HNDS, is a collaboration of not only literature, but also music and art.


FTR HNDS has released one issue of prose in zine format. It is 30 pages in length and is a collection of small pieces that generate one whole work. The prose itself works to narrarate Ftr.Hnds (as a character) and his journey meeting people through space and time. The writing itself is bizarre in nature, forgetting consonants, ignoring structure, and sometimes multiple images are represented through separated same text. The zine expresses deep concerns for happiness in the future, through the fortunate and unfortunate journeys of Ftr.Hnds. While being difficult to read at times, the overall originality of the zine was enough for the price.

Yllw.Faces was distributed for a short time in 2006 and 2007, but due to lack of distribution or willingness to distribute, it disappeared. Slndr.Faces, FTR HNDS' second publication is said to have a scheduled release in spring of 2008, with promise.

Music, Art, and FTR HNDS

FTR HNDS is also set to release it's first music EP. "Slender EP" is scheduled for release in the early months of 2008. The EP specifically focuses on themes from Yllw.Faces and Slndr.Faces, and stems from the section ".auditory (hallucination)."

FTR HNDS has completed a series of paintings that carry the title "Phase of Ftr.Faces." They are meant to convey certain important settings represented in Yllw.Faces.