Eyes like veins

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Eyes like veins (2004) is a one-off literary zine by Australian writer Ivana Stab. The zine is contains a story that was the author's major work for English Entension 2 (Year 12).

In the preface to the zine the author states that: " I dedicated the entire year to this story, writing it in bits and pieces, stressing over is, tearing it apart and putting it back together. It was the best thing I ever wrote and the hardest to write. Writing more than a thousand words has never been a big talent of mine. This story is just over 6000 words and received a mark of 47/50 by the HSC markers. I am very proud of it and want others to read it. I changed some words and some punctuation marks that I missed but everything (every idea, every act) remains as it was when I sent it over to the Board of Studies. It's impossible for me to change it now because this story = my life in year 12. Not by what happened but by where my mind was at. My entire year was filled with these two characters. Afterwards it was hard for me to write anything that didn't sound like a continuation of this story."


Ivana Stab, 263 St Jons Road, St Jons Park, NSW 2176 AUSTRALIA