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Electronic Quiver is a seasonally printed magazine, published by Razee Ink, [1] an independent clearinghouse of art, politics, and cultural thought.

Volume One, Issue One: Winter, 2005 Volume One, Issue Two: Autumn, 2006 Volume One, Issue Three: "The Flags of Discontent," Spring, 2007 Volume One, Issue Four: "Choke," Summer, 2007

Razee Ink is an independent publishing clearinghouse of art, politics, and cultural thought. Organized in 1986, under the name of Psycho Clown Ink, Razee Ink published a collection of poems entitled Indecent Composure. Shortly thereafter, video and audio production entered the picture, so to speak. Co-produced by institutions such as the Colorado Institute of the Arts, and the University of Colorado, Razee Ink has participated in several live performances and video shoots, including Barriers, Oozing Words into Emotion, and It. Stay tuned for details on how to get your copy of these archival masterpieces!