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Ektopia zine issue 5 cover by Lordd EE Baobab.jpg

Ektopia was a Polish xerozine established and published by Arcykapłan Słowa and Lord EE Baobab, both students of High School nr 28 in Warsaw, Poland. It commented on the contemporary life of the students, ran a comic series "Pogaduszki Pana Gruszki" (Chats of Mr Pear), and a series of articles about the made-up philosophy of mosznaism, as well as funnies and poetry.

The zine was published 1997-1998, the final, special issue was published in 2002.

The comic series was later continued as "Cudowne Przygody Japońskiej Gruszki" (The Wonderful Adventures of the Japanese Pear) in the Żar-ptak zine.