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Drones was a punk zine from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, released in the late 1970s.

Drones was a cut and paste, photocopied publication devoted to the early punk scene in Toronto in 1977-1978. An early issue announced it was "The paper for people with below normal intelligence" and cost "35 bloody cents". A subsequent issue declared itself, "The paper for people with sub-human tendencies" and readers discovered the cost had risen to "40 lousy cents". Inside were show reviews, photos and interviews and various editorials and articles incorporating the punk sensibilities of the era. One issue featured an interview with Tony Torture of The Ugly, and the bands covered were The Diodes, The Viletones, The Skulls, The Curse, and reviews of records by The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Generation X.

Another issue featured an interview with Joey Shithead of The Skulls (and, later, of the band DOA), and the bands covered were The Misfits, The Poles, Teenage Head, The Curse, The Damned and Patti Smith; included as well is an account of the punk New Year's Show at David's and reviews of records by Chelsea and The Damned. Also featured are various items about the band Wimpy and the Bloated Cows, whose members included some of the authors of articles in the zine, such as Rotting Afterbirth, Rowdy Noody, Flab Jiggle and Wimpy. Whatever articles they didn't write were written by Bob Bopper, I. Jerkoff, Kenny Asshole, Ring Wormer, or A. Moron.

Drones was mainly created by members of the band The Skulls during a stay in Toronto; they would later return to their hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and become the band D.O.A.