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The distrokids livejournal.com community was created in in late August of 2002 by Sarah Maitland of the now defunct US distro Screamqueen Distro and Moira Clunie of the currently closing (as of July 2006) New Zealand distro Moon Rocket Distribution. Distrokids was created for the purpose of having a safe place for zine distro owners to ask each other questions or advice and discuss whatever problems were plaguing them without having to deal with zine advertisements or people bothering them about why they aren't going to distro their zine. The community features a fairly strict set of guidelines to deter the community from mostly consisting of advertisements and promotions, and to make sure that everyone in the community is respected. The community also features an extensive "memories" section for perusal.

In March 2004, a website was created for the community to promote community member's distros and to feature tips on how to start and run a distro, since even then, there was not a lot of readily available information about that subject.

While Sarah and Moira remain moderators for the community, Sarah just takes care of the archives/"memories" and the occasional general moderating duties and Moira takes care of the website. Emily of Tastes Like Newsprint Distribution and Ari of HousewifeXcore Distro are the more general moderators.

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