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Dismantle (200?) is a perzine by an unknown American author. The author notes in the introduction to Dismantle #2 that "this zine exists because I think you can often understand something better when you take it apart."

Description: 54 pages, 1/4 size, copied (3 oz)


  • No. 1: the first issue, which was not actually titled 'Dismantle, was called Dear boy is a letter by the author written to the 'boy in me'.
  • No. 2: subtitled 'My, other brother' this issue is a therapeutic story of a brother who rebelled against his family after a rough childhood, became quite abusive, fought with his parents, and eventually joined the military. No one quite knew how to socialise with him in a healthy way anymore as he had become so distant. This zine isn't about the answers as much as it is about trying to find them and dealing with the situation and feelings at the time.