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Direct action against apathy was a D.I.Y., Punk and political zine from Belfast, Ireland.

Direct action against apathy was written by a group of people under the name of Direct action against apathy. They released six zines between 1997 and 1999. After that they released two cds of a band that formed through the group, a book of travels around Europe from two of the writers of the zine and two cds one of which was an audio report from an anti-war protest at Shannon Airport in the South-West Ireland.

The zine covered D.I.Y. anarcho-political topics which included grassroots community political events such as a protest against incineration of waste, the sabotage of fox hunting, and critical mass. There also did several interviews including one with a man from the support group for the McLibel Trial defendants while the trial against the two London Greenpeace activists was still pending and another interview with two volunteers from a community space for Gay/Lesbian/transgendered community in Belfast. Their website documents the variety of projects the group did and has extracts from each issue to read. Other projects of the group included a film about social centres in Belfast, Leeds, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Nottingham of which extracts and interviews are available on their internet site. The group finished their activities together in 2005.

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