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Dennis Dread edits the underground art zine Destroying Angels, is an artist and curates the Entartete Kunts underground art show in Portland, Oregon.

Dennis was born in 1972 on the floor of a Hudson River Valley bathroom. He is a self-taught American artist with roots deeply entrenched in the fertile compost of transgressive art, his visceral and obsessively detailed ballpoint pen drawings regularly appear on album covers worldwide. He enjoyed a childhood of monster movies and homemade comics and at the age of 18 began silkscreen printing for the infamous t-shirt company Mutilation Graphics. Dread held this post for four years while working on his drawing skills and studying literature and comparative mythology at a nearby State University. Following several cross-country drawing sprees, Mr. Dread jumped off a freight train passing through Portland, Oregon, and the "city of thorns" has served as his headquarters ever since.


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