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Delta will be an illustration zine focusing on Memphis and the Mississippi Delta, with all the cultural, economic, and racial complexity that that entails. How one investigates that narrative is up to the illustrator; a local Memphian might focus on a specific building in town, while an out-of-towner might create a magic-realist version of Robert Johnson’s crossroads story. Perception of the South is the reality in this instance, and we want it to be as open to interpretation as possible.

Simultaneously, Delta will be about post-Recession America, and how the country is coping with renewing itself. Civil Rights Trails have added bike lanes, blood-stained balconies are reborn as museums, and the poorest are priced out of their own neighborhoods by trendy arts districts. The problems remain the same, but the answers don’t have to be.


  • Thematically must be about the Delta region; current, historical, fantastic, etc.
  • At least 8” x 10” @300dpi. If larger, should fit 8” x 10” proportion.
  • Will be printed in color.
  • Please email or share files to


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