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decomP's logo, as of February 2008.

decomP ( is an online literary magazine that is updated monthly. It has been in existence since April 2004 and was originally called Decomposition Magazine. It has contributors from all over the country, and recently, has seen a large fan base in places like London and Scotland.


  • Jason Jordan (editor-in-chief)
  • Misti Rainwater-Lites (poetry editor)
  • Jason Behrends (art editor)
  • Nick Ostdick (staff reviewer)
  • Mike Smith (founding editor)



  • 3,000 words maximum (that should be more than enough)
  • Paste your work into an e-mail (it's easier to deal with)
  • Do not submit previously published work (it just looks kind of bad)


  • Send up to five poems at a time (they should be your best poems)
  • Paste your work into an e-mail (again, it's easier to deal with)


  • We do not know much about art (send us anything you make)
  • E-mail your loveliest art as a JPG or GIF file (we like these formats)


  • Please include a short paragraph about yourself (the world wants it)

Response Time:

  • We respond to submissions fast (within a few days, most likely, but give us 30)


  • Unfortunately, there is no payment at this time (we wish we could pay you)
  • If your work is accepted, it is automatically copyrighted upon publication, and you grant us one-time rights to publish your work and archive it online (for-ev-er)
  • If a piece of yours is reprinted, please mention it appeared in decomP first (it's nice)

Simultaneous Submissions:

  • These are fine as long as you notify us when another market picks up your work (we simultaneous submit, too)

What We Don't Want:

  • Genre fiction (horror, erotica, romance, sci-fi, etc.)
  • Miscellany (interviews, letters, lists, reviews, etc.)

Submissions are open!

  • E-mail your submissions to decomp.magazine AT gmail DOT com

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