Death of a Scenester

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The first issue of Death of a Scenester was released in February 2010 by Tuesday Press in Australia.

It is a bi-annual publication known as a zournal (half way between a zine and a journal) full of poetry, art, stories and other bits and pieces. Issue # 1 'Covers' talks about topics such as judging a book by its cover, great cover songs of all time, travelling stories, design, record covers, online cover art and heaps more stories and poems.

The contributors to issue # 1 of Death of a Scenester are: Cate Fury, Tristen Harris, Rijn Collins, Raul Sanchez I Jorge, Talitha Walklate, Lucy Watson, Peter Thaddeus Hannagan, The Captain, Jo Nation and Egg, Katie Scott, Chris Chinchilla, Thomahawk Merryweather, Rodney Todd, Derun Revoc, Ali E, Kimberly Opie, Christine Ellem and Nick Livingston.

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