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Datacide is a magazine style journal on global subversive culture created by Christoph Fringeli, based in Switzerland.

Praxis artist and label head Fringeli began Datacide a number of years ago and nine issues of the zine have been published as of 2007. Each issue contains feature articles, short fiction, as well as book, film and recording reviews, and scene and party reports from L.A., Berlin, Brazil, Israel, Italy and other locations around the world, with a focus on electronic music.


Issue Nine: "Anti-Imperialism: Bankruptcy of the Left?" by Christopn Frengeli; "Say Fear Is A Man's Best Friend" by Matthew Hyland; You Must Help Yourself: Neo-Liberal Geographies and Worker Insurgency in Osaka; Interview with John Balance of Coil.

Issue Eight: Christoph Frengeli on Psychiatry: Social Hygiene and Mind Control; Howard Slater on Godard: "Was Marx A Post-Modernist?" by Stewart Home.

Issue Seven: New Age Policing-Biology Is Ideology; Kosovo; Personalized Fascism; Roma Riot; Eyes Wide Shut; WDT/G8/J18/N30/Human Throwdown- Resistance Is Futile; Guy Debord book review by Staewart Home; Death In June

Issue Six: "Long Live Death": Howard Slater on Pasolini's Salo; "Criminal Minded" by Matthew Fuller;"State (of) Emergency- Mailbombs and Bio-Politics" by Matthew Hyland; "Autotoxicity:Involutionary Music" by Howard Slater, on Ultra-red; Jungle Voodoo interview by Rachel Kozak; interview with Cavage.

Issue Five: "Information War, Terror and Cultural Subversion" by Christoph Frengeli; Howard Slater on the movies of John Carpenter; "Bomb Graffitti: Prevention of Terrorism?" by Christoph Frengeli: Noise, Politics and the Media.

Issue Four:"Plague In This Town"; Matthew Hyland on the Autonomia movement in Italy; No-Tek music; "Virtual Government-CIA Mind Control Operations in America" by Alex Constantine

Issue Three: "Perpetual Commotions": Matthew Fuller on Critical Art Ensemble; "Parallaxed": Howard Slater onParallax View and the films of Alan J. Pakula; interviews with Bloody Fist and Deadly Buda; "The Inanimate Farmhand": Matthew Hyland on an exhibition of August Sander's work.

Issue Two: London Riots; Konrad Becker interview; "Gnostic Front-Cultural Studies and other Suicide Cults" by Matthew Hyland;"What the Fuck": the Spanner case by Jo Burzynska;Virtual World and Concreete Strategies; "The Realization and Suppression of Techno" by Autotoxicity.

Issue One: Police Bill; Network 23; Urban Transmissions; interview with Test Tube Kid;"Lab Rats-ago-go":Matthew Fuller on surveillance culture.

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