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Darklife fanzine is based in Switzerland and is devoted to gothic and industrial music.

"Under My Skin, the Darklife fanzine" is the full title of this zine but it is better known as simply "Darklife". The first issue of this long running zine appeared in the Summer of 1998. Since then, ten issues have been released. The editorship has changed over the years; previous editors included Valentina, Deborah Q and Eleonora Romano; at present it is published by Gianfranco Sciacca. Regular contributors included Mike Shankland and Peter Jan Van Damme. It is a professionally printed fanzine on glossy paper featuring interviews, articles, photography, reviews, scene reports and special articles.

Darklife covers everything from gothic to experimental, electronic, ritual, noise, avant garde and industrial music. While based in Switzerland, its contributors are located throughout Europe and beyond, so that events and live concerts in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia and England are all covered.

The fanzines' main focus is music and it has featured bands such as Soil Bleeds Black, Spiritual Front, Death In June, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, Non, Lady Morphia, Synthetic, The Mission, as well as musicians such as Matt Howden, and experimental musicians such as Louisa John Kroll. However, articles on a wide range of subjects are also featured in the zine, including topics such as censorship in Switzerland, Gothic Architecture, and regular features on fashion. Of course music reviews are a part of this fanzine as well.

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