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Dairy River is a zine slash collective slash encyclopedia slash field guide focusing on detritus, ephemera, minutia, and miscellany. We are particularly interested in the built environment, remnants of the industrial revolution, the objects that populate our environment and their individual histories, and the more obscure sociological aspects of our (musical) consciousness.

Dairy River Vol. 10


Dairy River was founded in 2006 as an online zine but, starting with volume 10 has distributed a print version. It was founded with the intent of allowing long-time creative collaborators to continue collaboration over long geographic distances, namely, individuals related to HOUSE (Ardmore Style Productions, eventually based out of NY and CT) and Cape & Chalice Records (based in North Carolina).

Editorial Board

Takery, Editor-in-chief TAKERY is a human-sized rabbit, raised by wolves in the Ardennes Forest, sent to boarding school in England, baker by trade, banker by occupation, illustrator by necessity, consultant by choice, economist by day, and patron-of-the-arts by night.

Chirton Favrie, Associate Editor, Edmund St. John, Associate Editor, Blaine Tinwoody, Associate Editor, E.P. Melmins, Secretary