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DDT (also known as Da-Da Tennis, or Dada Tennis) was a zine of bizarre free-surrealist writings and graphics, chiefly created by its editor, Bill Paulauskas, who died in 2006. It was published by Paulauskas' Dream State Press, which he operated in New York City.

Its publication history is long and complex; it first grew out of freewheeling interactions on a computer bulletin-board site BBS called The Enterprise, in the late 1980's; later these riffs and rehearsals continued on Paulauskas' own DreamWorld BBS, before finally appearing in print circa 1993.

The zine continued in print form, on an erratic schedule; it also (for a few years in the early 1990's) was a multimedia computer disc designed for use in the Amiga computer. During its computer-disc phase the zine was sometimes co-edited by the novelists James Chapman and Randie Lipkin, who were also contributors. Some of the work done at this time was later adapted theatrically by the Dadanewyork theatre troupe founded by the late John W. Wilson (an original member of the Joffrey Ballet and a Dada scholar); these pieces were performed internationally to considerable confusion.

Along with text and graphics, Paulauskas also created an audio adjunct to his zine, Krelltone Records, which featured cassettes of Paulauskas' strange poetry and found sounds from throughout all cultural history, collaged together to hilarious and disturbing effect. He was also a filmmaker, and the final recent issue of DDT, published in 2005, appeared on DVD.