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Cunt Boy is a comic zine by Jules, published in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Released in the 2000's, Cunt Boy is subtitled "Comics For Genius Perverts". Cunt Boy is also the title character of this comic zine. Cunt Boy is a transman who desires to become an archetype that will appear in peoples' dreams, fantasies, myths and symbols and live in the collective unconcious. As well, Cunt Boy wants to be a sexual archetype, so he is also a porn star. In issue one, Cunt Boy meets the Great God Pan in one story; in another story he is the Captain of a pirate ship; there are several pin up pages of Cunt Boy; another story of an autobiographical nature features the editor of the zine and relates the misadventures of a comedy troupe, and some of the difficulties in the life of a "tranny boy"; in the last story Cunt Boy and the artist answer some questions.