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Culture Hero was a fanzine edited by Claudia Dreifus and Les Levine.

Subtitled, "A Fanzine of Stars of the Super World", Culture Hero was published in New York City, New York, U.S.A. September, 1969. Issue #1 was 20 pages, off-set printed in black and white.

The contents of issue one included "An Interview with Peter Fonda," by Elizabeth Campbell; "The Culture Heroine of the Month : Joy Bang," by Claudia Dreifus; "Latimer on Lichtenstein," by D.A. Latimer; "Drowning Girl," illustration by Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Wright; "Vitamin G," by John Giorno; "Allen Ginsberg, Polymorphous Hero," photographs by Ben Fernandez; "Monty Hall : TV Super-Star," by John Margolies; poetry by Anne Waldman; "Nude! Nude! Nude!" by Claudia Dreifus; "Film," by Jean Fields; "Lennox Rafael," by Dan Mouer.