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Crucial Zine is a humorous hardcore/punk/ska zine based in Athens, Greece.

It first appeared in 2008, having been established in Cambridge, UK by Bobatron (Ioannis Pelegrinis), Dom (Dominic Benatar) and Shortround (Luke Ayton), with an emphasis on the sarcasm and burning desire to make fun of popular metal bands. After six issues, the zine went on a hiatus when Bobatron returned to Greece in late 2010. A few years later, in 2017, he revived the zine by finally releasing the seventh issue that had been written in 2011. Since then, Crucial Zine has been published on a semi-regular basis, with an expanded scope that covers science and video games, among other subjects. A record label (Crucial Zine Empire) has also been established in recent years.


Issue 1 (September 2008): Includes reprint of an old WarZone interview

Issue 2 (February 2009): Interviews with XOne WayX, Vodka Juniors and Audacity!

Issue 3 (June 2009): Interviews with Sam Russo and I.C.H.

Issue 4 (September 2009): Interviews with Setback, Overload and Σκοτεινή Πλευρά (Skotini Plevra)

Issue 5 (February 2010): Interviews with New Town Kings, Youth of Togay, The Tagnuts and The Terrors

Issue 6 (September 2010): Interviews with Magrudergrind and The Afternoon Gentlemen

Issue 7 (June 2017): Interviews with Propagandhi and The Junk

Issue 8 (October 2017): Interviews with Issa Diao (Good Clean Fun) and Yard Duty

2017 Winter Holiday Special (December 2017)

The CB1 Years (April 2018): Collects the first seven issues in one book along with unpublished material

Issue 9 (November 2018): Interviews with Mike Park and Beverley Kills

2018 Winter Holiday Special (December 2018)

Issue 10 (June 2019): Interviews with zine writers Apostolis W.A.K., Dinos WinterView, D.S. Willsher, Ian Mark Perry, Ioannis Pelegrinis, Luke Ayton, Lydia Athanasopoulos, Nikos Delta Kapa, Pete Wright, Puke Soup, George Argyropoulos and Liv Erianos

Issue 11 (November 2019): Interviews with Mephiskapheles and Rose Vineshank

2019 Winter Holiday Special (December 2019)

Coronavirus Special (April 2020): Interview with Sam Russo

Coronavirus Special: Second Wave (November 2020): Interview with Krust

2020 Winter Holiday Special (December 2020)

Coronavirus Special: Third Wave (July 2021): Interviews with 63 High and Hard Skin

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