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Crapulescence is a perzine written by Stephanie Scarborough.

The first issue came out in mid-2005 and was about her relationship with boyfriend and her decision not to date in high school. It was 1/8 size, 16 pages long. The first 100 copies printed had gocco printed covers and multicolored pages. Subsequent copies had photocopied covers and white pages.

Crapulescence #2 came out in mid-2006 and was quarter-sized and 32 pages long and much lighter in tone than the first issue. Topics covered included flagrant usage of acronyms at Stephanie's job, b-movies, being shy, and going to mascot camp. The first 100 copies featured a gocco printed picture of Stephanie on the cover and duct-tape binding. Crapulescence #2 is still in its first print run, so the gocco cover copies are still available.

Crapulescence #1 and #2 are both available from Whammy! Industries and Naked Girl Party