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First issue of 'counter craft'.
Counter Craft
issue 1
"Crafting the Occupation"

Counter Craft is a zine and website that is part of an ongoing research project that critically explores how art, craft, history and activism intertwine.

The first issue was published in December 2011 and was titled "crafting the occupation" and is available for free online. Issues of Counter Craft were shopdropped in various nationwide chains of book and craft stores. Other copies were printed and sold in Wellington, New Zealand by the Wellington Craftivism Collective.

Table Of Contents of "Crafting the Occupation":

  • Zuccotti Park - interview with Marsha Spencer, knitter at Occupy Wall Street
  • New Zealand - interview with Cherry Holahan from the Wellington Craftivism Collective in New Zealand
  • Berkeley - interview with Max Ventura of 'knit-in at the sit-in' at Occupy Berkeley
  • stitchAMERICAtogether - interview with Jessica Clark about her project 'stitchAMERICAtogether'
  • on crafting publics - interview with Otto von Busch
  • craft for the 99% - craft tutorials for occupy protests
  • buy nothing Christmas - craft tutorials for gifts

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