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Corndog Publishing Zine Distro was a UK-based zine distro run by Andrew Culture until 2010.

They carried "personal zines, music zines, illustrated zines, activism/ political zines, how to and creative guides, poetry zines and zines that just defy description," including such titles as Beat Motel, Brainscan, Call & Response, Clipper Guts, Morgenmuffel, Bubblegum slut, Now or Never, and others.


I think I was the first UK distro to have a full e-commerce site, and at it's peak CornDog stocked around three hundred titles from all around the world. But CornDog was a victim of its own success and in the middle of 2010 I made the difficult decision not to take on any more stock. It was a tough decision but one that had to be made - I ended up spending so much time stocking and promoting other folk's work (for no money, because zine distros never do make any money) that I had no time left to dedicate to any of my own creative output. [1]

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