Collinwood Revisited

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Collinwood Revisited
Issue 16 1991

Collinwood Revisited was a fanzine by Bruce Yarbor devoted to the television serial Dark Shadows.

Published in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A., Collinwood Revisitied appeared in the 1980s and was published till the 1990s. Issue 3 in 1984, #13 in 1989, #15 in 1990, #16 in 1991, and issue 17, possibly the last issue, was published in 1991.

The fanzine included articles, essays, fan fiction, art work, photographs, poetry,reprints of the Dark Shadows serial comic strip from newspapers, reviews, letters, and more.

Contributors of writing included Donna C. Galentine, M. T. Katcher, Mark A. Smith, Steve Wilkes.

Contributors of art work included Jim Dodd, Donna C. Galentine, Dan Silvio, Vicki Weidner, and Steve Wilkes.

Contributors of poetry included Cracker Jack Kid, Carol Price, and Ellee Miller Rodriquez, among others.

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