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Chimps was made by Layla, and was first published when the writer lived in Brighton, UK.

The first six issues of this A5 zine were produced between 1997 and 1999. It was a personal zine that was produced in a cut and paste style. The cover of issue one featured a picture of chimpanzees from the Planet of the Apes film. The zine was printed so the cut and paste graphics and photos of local gigs throughout the zine were of good and readable quality. The zine looked at the UK punk/skate/graffiti scene from a feminist perspective. It also featured interviews with Ian MacKaye, The Make Up, The VSS, Vique Simba, Month of Birthdays, Promise Ring and Red Monkey as well as female grafitti artists. Issue 3 had the subtitle: "punk rock feminism musings on a romanticised past feelings of boredom and displacement unsubstantiated notions of superiority and a heightened dorkiness." Issue 4 was a split zine with two other zines written by women - Rockpool 1 and Werewolves 3.

Issue #10 2009 Issue featuring interviews with Sharon Cheslow, Kendra Gaeta, Melissa Ip, Helen White and Sex Vid.

Layla now writes for and co-ordinates Maximum Rock N Roll.

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