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Cheaptoys is a perzine written by Giz Medium.

Cheaptoys was started in 2009 in the French Riviera, to write down the stories of punk there. Since then, Giz travelled with the zine and published issues in Bloomington, Indiana, Melbourne & Montréal. Originally published entirely in french, issues since #4 have been written partly in french and partly in english, making it only accessible entirely to people using both languages, or committed enough to translate it.

Topics have included many reflexions on punk and anarchism, personnal narratives, punk band stories, travel mishaps, and a growing interest for radical libraries. Most of the issues are still printed and distributed by the punk label Bus Stop Press, in south-east france, and come in a A6/quarter sized italian format.

As of july 2014, 15 issues and three half issues were published.

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