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Charmed Lives was a fanzine by Meredith MacArdle.

Published in London, England, UK in the 1990's, the focus of Charmed Lives was on the writer Diana Wynne Jones. The first issue appeared around Hallowe'en, 1997. Four issues appeared in all.

Issue 1 included The Ogre Downstairs reviewed by Arwyn Finnie, with illustrations by Ailse Finnie, and Duncan Finnie; "thank you poem" by Neil Gaiman; "I Blame It On The Parents" by Chris Hill; "Further Along the Bookshelf", a survey of children's literature by Penny Hill; "Rats and Things" by Meredith MacArdle; Fire and Hemlock, reviewed by Maureen Kincaid Speller (Steam Engine Time); the beginning of an interview with Diana Wynne Jones, "Diana Wynne Jones in her own words", by Maureen Kincaid Speller.

Contributions to issue 2, released Summer 1998, included "The Enchanted Forest and the Wildwood" by Tanya Brown; David Langford (Ansible), and Meredith MacArdle reviewing Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones; Chris Hill on the Archer's Goon book by Jones; "A Few of My Favourite Things" by Penny Hill; and Maureen Kincaid Speller, writing on Lucy Boston's Green Knowe books.

Also included was the conclusion of an interview with Diana Wynne Jones by Maureen Kincaid Speller.

Issue 3, published New Year 1999, included Neil Gaiman's article "On Discovering Diana Wynne Jones"; and Meredith MacArdle writing on the books Dark Lord of Derkholm, Eight Days of Luke, and The Homeward Bounders.

Issue 4, from Easter 2000, included Meredith MacArdle writing on Diana Wynne Jones activities, and the books Puss in Boots, and The Crown of Dalemark.

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