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From Girona, Carles Palacio started his career as a pro graphic designer. After his studies at Escola d'art i superior de disseny at Vic (Catalonia) and working in different design studios and agencies, noticed he wasn't the real everyday work he expected and focused his work on photography. “Started as a escape of my work time and become my real work” confess, “now I work as a freelance and collaborating in other studios for specific projects”.

His shoots are most of the time, focused on social movements, protests and the precarious life of some families that live in the, supposedly "advanced and “democratic society. He has published in different newspapers, magazines, websites and two self-works at Bad Weather Press: Capitalismo Barbarie and Agno 3.

Capitalismo Barbarie
Photozine, September 2013
Photo from the Indie Photobook Library




  • Hidden people. Exhibition, El Gravat. Vic, Catalonia

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